It's been a minute.

It's been a minute.


Hey all, it's been a minute since I've been here. I've been engaged in making fabric face masks for anyone who wanted them and have been happy to put my sewing skills to such good use. It's an honor to do something to help the pandemic effort. 

I don't think I realized how much I love to walk through fabric and yarn stores until that pleasure wasn't available any longer. My skills of introversion are very strong, but even I am wobbling a bit these days. Online fabric shopping just doesn't hold the same allure. I miss going to my local JoAnn, talking to the staff while I peruse the fabric offerings and think about how I could use what I'm (figuratively) drooling over. I miss coming home with "just a half yard please" of some adorable print that I can't wait to turn into an equally adorable dolly. 

So, in common with most sewists, I'm shopping my own stash these days. Fortunately, I'm finding some really fun fabrics that I'd picked up over the years and forgotten about. They're being turned into some cute dolls that I know will be loved and played with. 

This time of isolation will be over at some point. And it's likely we'll all have something of a new normal after that. But children will still be playing with dolls, still snuggling them at night, still imagining fantastic and charming scenarios that help to develop their minds and characters. 

In which case, I'd best be getting back to work.

For anyone interested, my online shop listings are up to date, and I'm also taking orders for any of the doll styles that I currently make. Message me here or email me at

My hope is that you and yours are well. 

(PS -- if you need a fabric mask, I'm still making them and giving them away - just message me!)

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